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☭full gay communism☭:verified: @praxis@communist.accountant

anyway hey mastodon friends what's up it's been a couple months guess what i'm dealing with hella health problems now and i'm worried i'm dumping too much on my facebook friends so guess what you're fucked, double sorry if you're also my facebook friend! every muscle in my body hurts and i can't ever sleep and i'm so tired and my brain isn't working and everything sucks!

lmao i forget i have my own fucking mastodon instance until the server bill overdrafts my account every month

sup mastodon it's been another month and i got a job and i'm still listening to twilight mirage

sup mastodon it's been like two months and all i've done is look for work and listen to twilight mirage

oh no i played mtg arena beta all day

mastodon is a fascinating social experiment showing that when our online communication is unfettered by algorithms enforcing corporate incentives and when given the tools to better organize and moderate our communities, we inevitably gravitate towards horny on main

you could always pronounce it "gwill-o-tine" tho

boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, I cannot make guillotine rhyme

it's too good: "Grimmanism: A philosophy created by the first Grimace. Life has no intrinsic value and there is no heaven waiting for you in death. All that you can do you must do in this moment. You must create your own purpose and find your own value in this world, everyone has an angle and something they want from you."

hey @austin_walker now that you've wrapped up twilight mirage maybe consider doing a one shot of this dungeon world hack set in mcdonaldland??? homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/sh

i still can't believe mastodon killed wil wheaton

@sparkletone i literally lost count of how many "collapse to the floor and weep" moments there were

@lizardsquid haha it's cool, wish i could be more helpful!

@lizardsquid hm, could be /etc/zathurarc but that might not be fun to delete :S what distro are you using?

@lizardsquid should be in ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc i think?

@lizardsquid i don't know that either! if all else fails just delete zathurarc in .config i guess lol

@lizardsquid i actually know that command for the same reason, it's :set first-page-column 1:1

@lizardsquid i'm 100% sure there's some kinda vi-like : command to fix that but i have no idea what it is lol

Has anyone ever misunderstood Death of the Author so badly that Roland Barthes had to intervene and correct them