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I love mupdf, because of how simple it is and how fast it loads pdfs, but it doesn't support having 2 pages open side by side.

Is there any pdf viewer that is:
* available on linux
* loads really fast
* doesn't have huge chunks of gui (preferrably none)
* and supports 2 pages side by side?

(boosts ok)

☭full gay communism☭:verified: @praxis

@lizardsquid zathura is 100% what you are looking for

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@praxis zathura seems really good, but I can't get the dual page mode to fit to my window size, it seems like it's always slightly too zoomed in or slightly too zomed out

@lizardsquid i'm 100% sure there's some kinda vi-like : command to fix that but i have no idea what it is lol

@praxis (also the dual page layout is offset by 1 page, which is bad for the particular pdf I want to read at the moment which has a 2 page diagram - in other readers, it displays as a diagram properly, but in zathura it's spread across a pagebreak)

@lizardsquid i actually know that command for the same reason, it's :set first-page-column 1:1

@praxis thankyou!

also in the process of trying to figure this out, I somehow put a huge gap between the pages when in dual page view, any idea on how to fix this? it stays across re-launches

@lizardsquid i don't know that either! if all else fails just delete zathurarc in .config i guess lol

@lizardsquid should be in ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc i think?

@praxis it isn't there at all - but weirdly all the settings I change are staying between launches

@lizardsquid hm, could be /etc/zathurarc but that might not be fun to delete :S what distro are you using?

@praxis I'm using NixOS, so all my system files are read-only, so it can't be modifying those

@praxis sorry for dumping these tech support questions on you – I have used zathura in the past and liked it, so I think I'll try and stick with it, but these issues are baffling

@lizardsquid haha it's cool, wish i could be more helpful!

@praxis correction: they're staying the same for this one particular pdf, but not for others